Wednesday, January 11, 2017

I've Finally Found Them, Great Beading Needles!

Guys, I have to tell you about these needles. I've been going at bracelet making pretty hard lately, and I'm finally upgrading my supplies and tools.

I was just using regular sewing needles at first, but they're clearly rigid and hard to maneuver through small spaces. Then I found needles at AC Moore that were for beading but they were essentially just twisted wire and kind of sucked. Then, the large bendable awesome (or so I thought needles) that ended up ripping my thread in half after a few uses. Not cool, because they ruined more than one bracelet and hours of work on me.

Now, I've finally found some needles that I really love! The only issue I have is that they get bent up and annoying sometimes, but it's SO much better than ruining my work. This is them guys! 3-PACK - Beadalon Collapsible Eye Needles 2.5-Inch Fine 4 Pack...if you make wrap bracelets or do any type of jewelry making/beading, I highly recommend them. I also love that I can get them on Amazon for a pretty good price. Yay for avoiding the general public and long lines! :D